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Table 1: Marketing Ideologies: An Overview

Marketing Ideologies: An Overview

Period of Time

Conceptual Ideas

Before the Industrial Revolution

Marketing did not exist as a theory, but in practice, merchants would use symbols, trademarks and signs to uniquely present their goods and differentiate themselves from competition

Aesthetics and noise were a means of attracting


Industrial Revolution and Post-Revolution Era

Mass production triggered the need for categorizing products and separating them per item, not only per segment/line of production

Salespersons were introduced

Newspaper advertisement

Growing must develop a variety of products due to high demand

Technological Revolution

Creating sales departments within businesses

Creating call-centers

Focus not on production only, but also on customer’s requirements

Creating advertisements, leaflets, brochures

Gift-giving and free samples of products as a marketing tool

Adaptation of customer services to widen direct access to clients internationally

Products influenced by international cultures and mentalities

After the Technological Revolution, production data changed faster and more drastically. With the international expansion of the market, business owners opened departments in different countries where they could hire cheaper labor and increase their possibility of securing a competitive advantage on the market.