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Master of Professional Business Etiquette Certificate (CPD)
04 Aug 2019, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Master of Professional Business Etiquette Certificate (CPD)
03 Nov 2019, Dubai, UAE
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Certified Etiquette Professional and Basis of Business Etiquette

Despite the popular belief, in order to become a true professional, it is not enough only to cope with own professional duties. It is also necessary to show respect to other employees, managers, and partners of the company. And for this, it is necessary to observe all the norms of business etiquette strictly. Numerous etiquette training certification courses will help to get these skills and obtain the required basic level.

Professional course with business etiquette certification – is it worth it?

It is not important what exactly is your position, and even the field of activity – basic skills in business etiquette are absolutely necessary for everyone because all of us to some extent contact with people, either colleagues or clients or partners. Surely, specialists like salespeople or managers definitely need that skill more than others, but even such a kind of specialist like an IT engineer has to be familiar with business etiquette because even someone who is used to working with a machine could sometimes contact people.

The importance of business etiquette is especially high when it comes to representatives of different states and cultures, let's say the basics of business etiquette in the countries of the Western world differ significantly from those in the countries of the Middle East, for example, the UAE. So, if you are going to move to this country to work, besides your own professional skills, you will need knowledge of local culture and business etiquette, you have to be a certified etiquette professional.

And of course, the best place where you can get such knowledge are specialized courses, for example, there is such a course at the Atton Institute. In this institute, professional trainers with practical experience of doing business in this region will help you quickly get used to the new environment and become a competent member of the team.