Why Atton

Why Atton? – Reasons to choose professional courses at our Institute

The Atton Institute provides a number of benefits to trainees from Companies and Government Authorities. Below are just some of these benefits.

  • Our courses are specially designed by professionals, highly educational and praxis-linked.
  • Best results for your investment – we deliver immediate and clear outcomes.
  • Courses are designed under the Atton Learning Methodology, which provides a fast and easy study process.
  • Obtained skills and knowledge immediately translate into enhanced performance in the workplace.

In today’s highly competitive world, professional skills and efficiency are the most powerful tools to improve the performance of a business or non-commercial entity. In fact, the level of employees’ professional skills has gained the same importance as the product or service itself. Even the greatest products would not be accepted by today’s consumers without the appropriate sales or service team supporting it.

Due to modern technologies, today’s consumers have access to vast information about companies, their products and services and, even more importantly, other consumers’ feedback. Nowadays customers are very choosy; if they are not satisfied, they immediately go to another company. On the other hand, if satisfied, they vote with their wallets and (as expert studies clearly reveal) are willing to pay more for quality interaction and services.

For this reason, all Atton Institute courses and trainings include the elements of customer service, client communication, consumer focus and customer satisfaction, where applicable.

Below are the key facts on consumer behavior and the importance of professional staff skills:

  • Competent company representatives make up almost 80% of the overall consumer experience.
  • A minor investment into staff education and training results in a decrease in the company’s overall costs and a significant increase in sales and other performance indicators.
  • The majority of customers are ready to spend more when they feel they have been provided with good service which can be delivered by qualified staff only.
  • Customers remember a good experience with a company much longer than the price they paid for a product.
  • Customers regularly leave companies not due to faults in the product, but in the service and communication. The most common reason for such faults is the absence of professional skills.
  • Due to the fast-changing environment, companies must constantly upgrade the skills of their staff and management to stay in business. These upgrades are delivered through the Atton Institute courses.
  • Leading global companies keep increasing their education and training budgets for their teams to secure stable growth and expansion.

Truly professional and educated personnel has become the new way of marketing and sales and company differentiation. With Atton Institute Dubai, UAE, you can implement this approach in an efficient and productive way.

We define industry standards that can be applied at all levels of your company or non-commercial private or government entity. Businesses that utilize the benefits of our courses, trainings and seminars achieve great results.

Join the Community of True Professionals. Think Smart. Think Atton.

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