Training Venues and Corporate Training Rooms of Atton Institute

We have an extensive selection of training venues where our courses are held. The UAE venues where Atton Institute provides its courses are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

All the venues are highly modern, conveniently located and have great facilities in each room, which guarantees a comfortable and creative learning experience.

In every course, you are always provided with a selection of soft drinks, fruits and biscuits, in addition to an extensive buffet at lunch time.

Dubai Venues

Our Dubai training venues are very conveniently located in the modern districts of Dubai. All the venues have up-to-date equipment and perfect facilities. Venue sizes are carefully chosen to fit trainings and courses depending on the number of trainees. All rooms are equipped as listed below:

Dubai Venue
Dubai Venue
Dubai Venue
Dubai Venue
  • Comfortable rooms with natural lighting
  • Comfortable conference furniture
  • Whiteboards, large screens
  • Video projectors and audio equipment
  • Flipcharts and writing gadgets
  • Extensive stationery for trainees
  • Freely accessible high speed Wi-Fi
  • Coffee breaks, refreshments and lunch

In addition to the above, all the venues have further benefits such as valet parking and a permanent, dedicated support team. To see the complete list of our trainings and locations, see our course calendar.


Abu Dhabi Venues

Abu Dhabi Venue
Abu Dhabi Venue

The Atton Institute also delivers its training courses in the capital of the UAE – Abu Dhabi. These venues provide a great and comfortable learning environment and are conveniently located.

For those who work and live in Abu Dhabi, our training venues offer the option of completing our courses without the necessity of going to Dubai. These venues also provide, similar to Dubai, all the latest technical equipment and full service.

International Venues

The Atton Institute’s trainings and courses are highly popular and have achieved international recognition. For this reason, on a case-by-case basis, we also organize our events in different international venues in the main international business hubs such as Riyadh, London, New York, Paris and Vienna. Some of these trainings are organized by the Atton Institute and some are organized in co-operation with our international partners.

International venues provide the option of attending our courses outside of the UAE as well as give our trainers the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with our international associates.

Berlin berlin
Geneva Geneva
Vienna Vienna
London London
Singapore Singapore
New York New York
Paris Paris
Riyadh Paris
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