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Our Certifications
Our Certifications

Atton Institute Courses Certifications and Accreditations

All Atton Institute courses and workshops are approved by Dubai KHDA authority and are designed and delivered as per the applicable standards and regulations of the UAE and various professional international certification and regulatory bodies such as the ATD (Association for Talent Development, USA), SHRH (Society for Human Resource Management & Development, USA and MENA), CPE Standards (Standards for Continuing Education, USA), CPD (Continuing Professional Development Standards, UK), PMI (Project Management Institute, USA) and others.

Ongoing professional development is imperative in today’s world. Atton Institute courses are achievement-oriented and provide the perfect balance of time dedicated to education vs. knowledge and skills delivered within this time. One of the key elements for achieving this is the implementation of the top practices and models for professional education. These standards and models secure a professional and structured delivery of course materials, which are competently designed with the latest methodologies of adult education and professional development. Our work is to professionally advance others via education and to inspire the most forward-thinking talents around the globe.

Atton Institute’s memberships and accreditations ensure the ongoing alteration and adaption of our training materials and praxis to form a truly productive and efficient educational environment. Additionally, all of our specific certification courses have the status of being acknowledged under the standards of the relevant international certification governing entities.

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