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Career at Atton Institute Training Center in Dubai, UAE – Join Our Team Today

Atton Institute Dubai is always growing, and thus often has new job openings and is constantly looking for talented, qualified and dedicated professionals who wish to join our team.

We are looking for new team members for the Administration Department and Marketing and Sales Department in the UAE as well as Instructors / Lecturers.

Please send your Applications ONLY if you already have EXPERIENCE IN THE EDUCATION SECTOR.

Instructors / Lecturers

For our team of Instructors / Lecturers we are looking for professionals in the education / training sector specifically.

In order to familiarize yourself with the types of programs and trainings we offer, see the “About us” and “Courses” sections of our website.

We are looking for Instructors / Lecturers with different time commitments: Freelance, Part Time, Fixed Contract.

If you have the qualifications, knowledge and skills to become part of our education team, please send us your resume.

Your job application should include the applicable info about you.

Please send your APPLICATION ONLY if your qualifications are the qualifications of the BUSINESS TRAINER/ COURSES INTRUCTOR and can deliver courses listed in our “Courses” section.

Administration and Marketing

For our Administration Department we are looking for engaged and motivated professionals in the administration field who have related experience in the education sector.

For our Marketing and Sales Department we are looking for energetic and qualified marketing persons who are familiar with the professional education sector and can join our team to help us achieve even better results within our marketing and sales strategy.

Please send your job application, including an Introduction Letter and CV, to our HR Department.

The UAE education sector is actively growing; thus, there are very good opportunities for education professionals who are looking for a job in Dubai, the UAE.

If you are a professionally certified instructor, former teacher / instructor from an Institute or University, professional coaching consultant, or expert / manager in your specific area and wish to share with others your knowledge and philosophy for being the best in that specific education / training sector – Atton Institute Dubai is the best place for you!

We provide various job options at various levels of our team – from Administration and Sales to Lecturing and Trainings Coordination.

Within the provision of our specialized trainings in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE as well as abroad, we work with a diverse group of colleagues who join our team either on a long-term basis or on a case-to-case basis. Whether in a fixed job or freelance position, you have the opportunity to enjoy the challenging and rewarding work environment of various dedicated professionals working together.

With our flexible job arrangements in the UAE, you can find the option which is most suitable for you. We are rapidly growing and hiring for diverse roles and positions within Atton Institute Dubai, UAE, and we would be glad to receive your job application.

If you are an experienced professional, share our philosophy of excellency, and possess an entrepreneurial mindset, we would be glad to hear from you.

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