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About Us
About Atton Institute

About Atton

Atton Institute is an accredited corporate provider of short-term certified courses with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. We help companies to unleash the potentials of their employees at all levels potential by delivering high-quality training solutions, which include:

  1. Public Courses

    Public courses are open for all professionals from various companies and domains. Such courses are held according to a predefined course calendar, which you can download on our website. Our public courses last from 3 to 5 days, take place in premium venues across the world and are led by trainers with extensive hands-on experience.

  2. In-house Training

    We can adjust training to you’re the requirements of your company. You choose course objectives you want to meet, dates when the course will take the place, preferred location, and we adapt course content and select suitable learning methodologies, exercises, case studies, and activities to address the needs of your organization to the fullest extent.

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We cover a wide range of various course subjects so everyone can find a perfect training solution:

Benefits of Training with Atton Institute

Atton Institute delivers practice-oriented courses, ensuring the most desirable outcomes for both companies and individuals.


  • Enhanced job performance and efficiency
  • Identification and fixing of gaps
  • Reduction of employee turnover
  • Enhanced company reputation
  • Positive changes and innovations in processes, strategies, and products


  • High-level networking
  • New ideas and insights
  • Feedback from an experienced trainer
  • Opportunities for promotion
  • Increased competitiveness and efficiency

Why us?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Atton Institute for the next training of your company, but we want to outline just some of them:

  • Customized training

    We analyze your requirements to deliver custom-made training solutions that are perfectly suited for you and your business.
  • Goal-oriented

    Our priority is to answer your challenges and meet your demands, and we apply the best available methods to ensure that happens.
  • Positive ROI

    While addressing your needs, we never forget about cost-effectiveness and strive to ensure all our courses are efficient from a cost-per-person perspective.
  • Complete solution

    The training itself is only part of the equation, as we also conduct a pre- and post-course analysis to track the efficiency and results of our training.
  • Certified education

    Atton Institute’s courses are verified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and associations such as CPE, CPD, PMP, PMI, SHRM, and more.


No matter if you need in-house or public course, we apply our 4-stage process, which has been successfully proven through years of experience, to deliver the desired positive outcomes:

  1. Pre-course Analysis.

    We scrutinize your company and analyze the background, experience, and qualifications of participants to understand how to meet the objectives of both attendees and the organization in the most effective way possible.
  2. Adjustments.

    We adapt training materials, choose the most suitable trainer, and select appropriate and relevant learning methods that are aligned with your goals.
  3. Delivery.

    Our courses take place in the world’s best venues, or at any location of your choice in compliance with the confirmed training plan.
  4. Post-course Activities.

    Post-course projects to be implemented in the workplace, as well as assignments, assessments, evaluations, and other tools, will be given to all participants to ensure that our training was efficient and productive.
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